Emmanuelle Marty

Wedding & maternity photographer


Wedding & maternity photographer for 8 years now, Emmanuelle Marty spent long years working in Africa & in the USA before settling down in the city of Nice on the French Riviera. Her work as a couple, wedding & maternity photographer has been inspired by a real artistic quest, searching for the representation of beauty. Approaching a Fine Art photographer to offer a private photo session entirely dedicated to yourself or your siblings is a real luxury and an exclusive moment to live. Emmanuelle will take you on gorgeous places, giving you the choices among many different beautiful landscapes, she has an unconditional love for oceanside and Nature. By reading this little note, you will feel deep in yourself  if you are crossing the road of the right Fine Art photographer for capturing your moment, if you are looking for something beautiful, luminous, timeless, adventurous with a touch of delicateness then i will be happy to read you and know more about your desires. 


Whatever the type of session you are wishing for, couple, wedding or maternity, it will always be an important moment to prepare together, it’s a bespoke voyage and his rarity will make it as the most precious present you could do. 

Emmanuelle works most of the time in Nice, Cannes and Monaco however depending on the project she could fly worlwide.

2010-2018 Emmanuelle Marty Photography. Couple, wedding, elopement and maternity photographer based in Nice on the French Riviera.

Emmanuelle Marty is well known as a couple photographer, wedding or elopement photographer and maternity photographer. Her work gives timeless maternity portraits, artistic couple photoshoots with beautiful scenery and unforgettable weddings.


Her gorgeous studio will open in 2019 and will be located downtown Nice.